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Central Metal Trading | Scrap Metal
Central Metal Trading | Scrap Metal

Central Metal Trading is run by the latest recycling software

which makes for efficient handling, grading and weighing of products so all customers can be assured of a professional service with high levels of consistency.

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Central Metal Trading | Scrap Metal Trader

Central Metal Trading is an established Scrap Metal Trader since 1994 servicing both small business as well as big corporate companies within Benoni and surrounding areas.



We offer highly competitive prices for all non-ferrous metals, accurately graded against industry specifications. Our SABS approved scales are calibrated on a regular basis to ensure a high level of accuracy when weighing product.

Our customers can therefore count on consistent and precise weights when dealing with us.


Although we trade in most grades of steel, our main focus lies in offering exceptional prices on A Grade, Sub Grade, General and Blue Steel. By making use of our Company Network, we are able to sell our materials directly to South Africa’s biggest foundries. This in turn enables us to offer ‘Top Dollar’ for most ferrous metals.


With a fleet of trucks at our disposal we are able to handle various pick-up and transports needs.

Our various trucks and equipment are all geared with the necessary equipment designed for dismantling and collecting of various scrap metals in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Why Choose Us?

Being in the industry from 1994 makes Central Metal Trading a well known and established business
within the Scrap Metal Industry. Our staff are well trained within their field of expertise and offer friendly and efficient customer service. We also pride ourselves on speedy payment for all product offered.

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